Eiichi Ohtaki

大瀧 詠一

Eiichi Ohtaki (July 28, 1948 – December 30, 2013) was a Japanese musician, songwriter and record producer. He first became known as a member of the rock band Happy End, but was better known for his solo work which began in 1972.


It is very good that many people begin to know Eiichi Ohtaki by Kakushigoto anime, he is one of the best City Pop singers in Japan.


I love his works so much! "Kimi wa Tennen Shoku" sounds like the breeze in the summer and a little sadness inside.

1982 Kimi wa Tennen Shoku

The best of Japanese pop song! This one of the Ohtakis most popular song is included in the album "A long vacation". Lyricist Takashi Matsumoto said everything he saw had lost its color after losing his sister. The lyrics reflect his feelings for her. Amazingly, the sound is a one-shot recording like Phil Spector did.

Tatsuro Yamashita

山下 達郎

Tatsuro Yamashita (February 4, 1953) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and record producer who helped pioneer the style of Japanese adult-oriented rock/soft rock dubbed "city pop". He has also collaborated with his wife Mariya Takeuchi.


I do not care how people found this man, just glad that he gets even more popular as the years go by.

1980 Ride On Time

Tatsuros first big hit, a very popular and iconic city pop song! You can feel the uplifting feeling from the start of the song. Not only Tatsuros voice, but also Minako Yoshidas chorus is wonderful. And do not miss the soul-style slow number on the B-side, "Rainy Walk".

Mariya Takeuchi

竹内 まりや

Mariya Takeuchi (March 20, 1955) is a Japanese singer-songwriter. In a Japanese pop music career spanning decades, Takeuchi is one of the best-selling music artists in Japan. Her early work during the late 70s to 80s is largely associated with the Japanese city pop.

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1984 Plastic Love

This is the most popular Japanese city pop song! This song was produced by her husband Tatsuro Yamashita. He also has covered her song. She sings about a lonely woman who can not fall in love for real because of her past love. I like the sadness of this song.

Shigeru Suzuki

鈴木 茂

Shigeru Suzuki (December 20, 1951) is a Japanese musician, songwriter and guitarist. He first became known as a member of the influential rock band Happy End and Tin Pan Alley, but is now a prolific session musician. As of 2006, Suzuki had contributed to 588 recordings

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1976 Lady Pink Panther

His first album is the Japanese funk rock masterpiece, but his 2nd album is the city pop AOR masterpiece! This mellow bossanova song is included in the album "Lagoon". Haruomi Hosono participated as a bassist for this song.